We seek to encourage and empower God's people so they might live remarkable lives. Lives of remarkable faithfulness. Lives of remarkable compassion and grace. Remarkable lives of hope and purpose.

We believe that God uses us to accomplish remarkable things as we strive to grow in three disciplines:

Dependence - Picture a child trying to pour himself a cup of milk. The milk jug is heavy; the cup mouth is small. You try to intervene, to help, but the child refuses all help. "I'll do it, I'm big now," he explains. Of course he can't do it and milk ends up everywhere. The hardest lesson in life is not independence; it is learning healthy dependence. We cannot do life by ourselves; we do not need to do life by ourselves. We are at our strongest when we are leaning upon Jesus, dependent on His grace, His power, and His direction in our lives. We gather in worship and around the Word so that we might receive the strength we need to live remarkable lives.

Interdependence - We are not only dependent on Christ, we are called to be interdependent with one another. Our life in Christ is a life in community. We gather on Sunday mornings and for Bible studies so that we can form bonds of interdependence around God's gifts. We are stronger when we act as a community than we are when we act individually.

Sentness - Okay, this is not a proper word, but it is an important concept. Jesus has sent us to continue His mission of seeking and saving the lost. Our sentness is not about building up the church roster, it is about rescuing those who are captive and separated from their heavenly Father. Peter reminds us that God desires all people to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth. We live out our sentness when we seek to form new relationships and demonstrate God's amazing love to the people we meet.