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Whether your faith is new or a work in progress that has occurred over decades, questions arise. Finding answers that are based on Biblical truths can be challenging. This section of our website is intended to be a tool for you to use to get answers to your questions.

Please feel free to click here to send your question to Pastor Straub. Or, if you are more comfortable picking up the phone, call him at 248.553.3380.

1. I understand that Christians believe that theirs is the only religion that gives them a ticket to heaven, but isn't what's really important just believing in a "God"?
2. I have always thought that "good spirits" (other than the holy spirit) do not dwell on the earth. When we die, we go to heaven. Therefore, spirits here on earth are Satan's demons. What about when Saul went to a medium and brought Samuel back to give him guidance.  How does that fit with my earlier thought?
3. I have always wondered what the word selah means. Now that I am studying Psalms, I thought this would be a perfect time to ask.
4. In Luke 23:43, when Jesus tells the criminal hanging next to him "I tell you the truth, TODAY you will be with me in paradise." Then in the Apostles' Creed it says, He descended into hell, the THIRD day he rose again from the dead. Can you explain the difference in time for me? I think about this every year around Easter, so I thought it must be time to ask!
5. I have been doing some reading/listening about the second coming of Christ. There are many interpretations in the Christian Faith, and I would like to know the Lutheran interpretation of this. Could you pls explain it to me? I guess the part that confuses/ bothers me is it sounds as if all of the Christians who have already died are not in Heaven yet.....they will rise when Christ comes again. Is that correct?
6. How could all the people in the world, with all their different characteristics, come from only Noah and his family?